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Today, having a good store brand product simply isn’t good enough. To compete successfully in the frozen food aisle, your packaging has to work harder to draw attention. Your pricing has to offer real value, and your quality has to convince customers from the very first bite. That’s where we come in.

Simplot Retail offers a full line of frozen, store brand products, including potatoes, meals, sandwiches, roasted fruit and vegetables, avocados, whole grain and vegetable blends; plus creative packaging expertise and nationwide logistics. You can trust Simplot Retail to match exacting quality requirements established by you and demanded by your consumer.


Do you have a new frozen food product idea but not the capabilities to produce it? Simplot Retail offers a broad array of production capabilities that are critical in today’s competitive environment. We manufacture and package your products to meet your detailed specifications, providing the product you need, delivered where you need it, in the time that you need it to be there.

We have a fully certified USDA production facility, extensive HACCP programs, organic certification, provide complete microbiological testing, and fully comply with BRC requirements. Simplot Retail also meets customer specific audit requirements if needed.

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Our Brands

Simplot Retail has its finger on the fastest growing categories in the frozen food marketplace. We offer everything from a value priced brand to a premium brand. Our brands can be found in multiple categories: Breakfast entrées, bowls and sandwiches; handheld sandwiches and burgers; premium side dishes. Simplot Retail is committed to expanding our branded offerings through our investments in R&D and capitalizing on market trends.